Guided by your coach, here's what you'll do to maximize key ministry positions in your church that will help put the right people in the right positions to achieve your church's objectives.

OBJECTIVES: Assess your present and future ministry leadership needs. Develop and implement ministry position descriptions that establish clear expectations and guidelines for effectiveness.

Recruit, interview and engage qualified leaders, matching the spiritual gifts and ministry skills of an individual to your church's specific needs.

Create clear processes to increase the effectiveness of your ministry leaders, including:

  • An orientation process to get new leaders operating effectively in their new positions as quickly as possible
  • Regular performance appraisals for staff and intentional coaching processes for volunteers that provide systematic feedback to help your leaders grow and improve
  • Development processes for those who are not accomplishing their ministry assignments to a satisfactory level and systems to deal effectively with poor performance and discipline issuesTraining programs to tap unfulfilled potential and increase ministry effectiveness
  • A leadership handbook that outlines your church's organization, objectives, and policies and procedures regarding conduct, performance, compensation and benefits (for staff), and other pertinent issues.
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