Guided by your coach, here's what you'll do to mature your church financially and ensure that you are wisely gathering, managing, protecting and investing the resources which have been allocated to your church.

OBJECTIVES: Develop and achieve your church's financial goals to include:

  • Gathering, managing, and protecting God's resources which have been allocated to your church
  • Helping members experience spiritual growth through tithing or giving to God's work
  • Ensuring compliance with all laws concerning church finances
  • Allowing members to enjoy the benefits of being financially faithful to God's work

Develop an annual financial plan that keeps and lifts existing donors and wins new supporters.

Implement a budget that plans the financial resources necessary to operate the various ministries within your church and holds its leaders fiscally accountable for the cost of operation.

Identify and develop financial talent in your church who will help strengthen your church financially. Create an effective financial organization of these talents.

Design and implement internal controls to safeguard your church's financial assets.

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