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Over the past decade Ministry Advantage has trained Pastor-Coaches who coach church leaders in the US, Canada, Australia, and Africa, as part of an elite coaching team. All of our coaches are currently, or have been Pastors and Church Leaders of various sizes and styles with average attendance ranging from 100 to 15,000. All of our Coaches have excelled in implementing our coaching skills, strategies, and tools in their own church.  As part of our Coach Qualification Process our coaches have all demonstrated a proficiency in the "7 Practices of Effective Churches". Each Coach has also demonstrated a passion to coach, equip, and mentor other pastors and church leaders through the Ministry Advantage Coaching experience.

The Ministry Advantage Coaching experience is transformational. Take a moment and read some of the unsolicited comments from some of our partners and scores of former Ministry Advantage pastors by clicking on "Endorsements" on the Home Page.

In 2006, for the first time, we expanded our strategy of only coaching individual pastors in an effort to more rapidly leverage the coaching vision. We call this approach the “Coach-the-Coach” Licensing Program. We now license Ministry Advantage including our Pastors Coaching System, Coach Development System, and Online Training Center to Denominations and Associations of churches like yours.

We will work with you to recruit 15-20 of your pastors who have the qualities and desire to be a coach within your network of churches. Our coaches will coach an initial “Cohort” of pastors weekly via telephone/Skype. The MA coach and your pastor will collaborate to customize and contextualize a unique coaching relationship based on the needs of each pastor/church.

They MA Coach will utilize our seven modules (7 Practices of Effective Churches) as a guide in the mentoring relationship. Regardless of church size, geographics, or demographics the Ministry Advantage process has proven to develop and equip a pastor with a new set of skills, strategies, and tools.

Every church pastor/church we work with always begins with creating or crystallizing a Strategic Plan to insure the church has a clear vision of their future and the detailed steps to get there. The Coach helps the pastor through the stages and steps of implementation.

Here is a brief overview of the Ministry Advantage Coach-the-Coach License Program (click to view)

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